Programming Languages

C, C++, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript
These are the programming languages I know. They are listed in no particular order. I am learning some of them, but I have used them all.

Game Engines

Unity, Godot, HaxeFlixel, Construct
These are the ones I am familiar with and I have worked on different projects, or at least got my hands on.

Other Tools

Box2D, TileMap, SFML, Git & GitHub
These are other tools that I have used or tested for students assignments on my undergraduate, or due to personal interest.


These are projects I have completed from personal interest, as part of researching a tool, or as assignments for my undergraduate. You can use the categories to filter the projects, and contact me if you are interested.
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Game: Speedway Rush [Alpha]

A frenetic, dynamic arcade-style game, where the player cannot fully control de marble… at least, directly. Thought to keep you at the edge of your seat, test your reflexes and challenge your ability to react to different obstacles. Made in Unity3D as a final assignment of a course in my BsC.

Game: Lux Domi [GGJ]

Even in the darkest moments, some sensations transport us to a quiet place that makes us feel calm, secure: our home. A game made in Construct2 for the #GlobalGameJam event at UNL FICH (Santa Fe, Argentina), under the theme ‘What does home mean to you?’.

Design: Float Your Boat

Casual smartphone/tablet fun arcade game, where you need to rescue as many cave-people as possible to overcome the flood. Use your device’s gyroscope to control a raft, fight against current sweeps, wild animals and unforeseen events while you make your escape.

Game: Platformer Land [Alpha]

A platformer game intended for the casual player that enjoys jumping, dodging and fighting enemies while overcoming increasingly dangerous obstacles, in a retro pixel setting. Playable in a browser with basic keyboard controls.

Game: Crazy Letters [Alpha]

A game intended for very young children (2-3 years). The goal is to prevent the letters from falling from the screen; the difficulty increases with time. The game aims to help children associate the letter or number symbol with the sound, in different languages. For now, it only has English and Spanish implemented.

Design: Warring Ages

Online card game for PC and Smartphone. You pick a deck before each battle from three options previously stored, alongside with a helper card. The game alternate between two stances: peace and war, where cards have a different behaviour on each of them.

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